24/7 Monitoring

RedLink has taken a lot of effort to set up a fail-safe monitoring solution for our and your services. Not only do we monitor our own servers and services, we also give you the oppertunity to monitor YOUR servers / services. This can even be done with devices that are not under our management! RedLink can offer a monitoring solution based on your needs! Contact us for futher info. View Pricing

Possibility for any Linux os

Most hosting companies offer a small selection of operating systems. We at RedLink believe that the customer must be able to run any OS he likes. Therefore we offer a wide selection of pre-build installers for the common operating systems (like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, ...) and custom installations for non-frequent operating systems like for example Arch Linux, Linux mint, ... View Pricing

Easy to use ticketing system

Our customers all enjoy an easy to use ticketing system. You can open tickets trough a web interface or via e-mail. The tickets will be reviewed within 24 hours (mostly within the hour). A priority will be set on the ticket and you have the ability to log further feedback into the ticket whenever you like. Our automated mail system will keep you informed about every change that has happened. View Pricing

Security Monitoring

Security is something you can not ignore these days. Brute-force attacks, dDOS attacks, malware, spam, … . RedLink has invested a lot of time in setting up and enhanced system wich not only detects various attacks but also protects the servers on a pro-active way.

View Pricing